Adventures of Dagny the Immortal Tantrika

    (DAB Enterprises, 2004)
™ and © DAB Enterprises

Tantra is the Sanskrit word for the “weaving together” of sacred aspects, both masculine and feminine, of the Divine. Practitioners seeking divine self–realization are called Tantrikas. Chaos ensues when the mind and the body are out of balance. But what if all the female deities banded together to bring this harmony back to humanity? An Amazon warrior named Dagny is chosen to receive the power and wisdom to bring harmony back to the peoples of Earth.

Dagny A. Bosh is both writer and publisher of this comic book for mature readers. A Doctor of Divinity, she answers Tantra questions from her Ask Dr. Dagny online column ( in an effort to help couples restore their deep wounds of childhood and current intimacy issues through Tantric philosophy and practices.

— Ron Black

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