Ambush Bug Nothing Special

    (DC, 1992)

Pity poor Ambush Bug. First appearing in DC Comics Presents #52, he had a few scant moments of fame in the Ambush Bug and Son of Ambush Bug mini-series before his career hit a wall. In this 1992 one-shot, the out-of-work hero is desperately looking for a job. From interviewing for a spot as a nanny to Swamp Thing to propositioning Sandman to work as his “wacky sidekick,” the poor Bug just can’t seem to find a job.

Meanwhile, a gaggle of drunken DC editors are having entirely too much fun destroying any sense of continuity in the Bug’s life. And, if thing’s aren’t bad enough, the disembodied head of DC editor Julius Schwartz has decided to use this “nothing special” edition to teach his own macabre set of life lessons.

Lo, how the pitiful have fallen!
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September, 1992
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Keith Giffen, Robert Loren FlemingKeith Giffen, Chris Sprouse, Bill Wray