Batman: Detective #27

    (DC, 2004)
™ and © DC Comics, Inc.

This engaging Elseworlds tale from writer Michael Uslan and artist Peter Snejbjerg casts Bruce Wayne as a member of the Secret Society of Detectives that has waged a clandestine seventy–five–year war against a nihilist organization called the Knights of the Golden Circle since Lincoln’s assassination after the American Civil War. The year is 1939, and Wayne has returned to Gotham City after years of training with the notion of avenging the murder of his parents on his mind. However, because of his skills, he is monitored and recruited by the Secret Society and renamed Detective #27—obviously a play on Batman’s first appearance in Detective Comics no. 27 in 1939, and he becomes embroiled in a mystery that will ultimately raise a number of questions about his parents’ deaths.

— Thomas Moudry
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