Behind the Supers: The Undercover Files

    (Random House, 2004)
™ and © 2004 Pixar

Behind the Supers is more of a secret file than DC’s Secret Files and Origins ever were! The book is gussied up like a government dossier on everybody’s favorite undercover supers, The Incredibles. Each page includes apparent newspaper clippings or Post-its with handwritten notes such as “Who leaked all this info?” (Occasional government agent donut crumbs also grace a few pages.)

The reader might be concerned that such a book might spoil the movie (as if you haven’t seen it by now!). Fear not: spoiler warnings are nowhere in sight. This book will familiarize readers with the characters and the world in which they live, but will not divulge crucial plot info. Oh, sure, we get the general idea that The Incredibles come out of hiding to save the world again, but that’s nothing that couldn’t have been gleaned from the trailer.

If there’s any quibble, it’s that, even though it’s square bound, it’s a little slim for the price tag. But it’s a beautiful, colorful package that your kids (who are we kidding?) are bound to enjoy.

— Jack Abramowitz

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