(Dark Horse, 1989)
™ and © 1989 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Spearheaded by the media masterminds who turned many of the Dark Horse Comics properties into successful films (such as The Mask), this one-shot comic book adaptation of the popular Tom Hanks fantasy film is a lackluster but relatively faithful translation of the movie to the printed page. Josh Baskin is a boy who wishes to be “big,” and a mysterious fortune-telling machine instantly transforms him into a young man. What follows is a sweet and amusing exploration of what it means to grow up, as Josh gets a job and a girlfriend and meets with success in his new life. Ultimately he must face a choice between remaining the man he has become through artificial means or returning to the child inside who has a whole life of choices ahead. Unfortunately the comic, with its amateurish artwork and abbreviated script, doesn’t do the film much justice.

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