Batman: Day of Judgment

    (DC, 1999)
™ and © 1999 DC Comics

In the midst of Gotham’s darkest hour, when the city has become a wasteland abandoned by the government and its own citizens, Batman too must leave to join a larger fight. At a time of uncertainty and all consuming evil, Robin and Nightwing are left to patrol the No Man’s Land territory with the support of Barbara Gordon and their years of experience working alongside the Dark Knight. They’re going to need it, because a new kind of crime has come to Gotham. Thanks to the supernatural forces unleashed, a long dead mob has been resurrected in zombie form, and they’ve reclaimed their suits and machine guns for a night out on the town. Amidst some appealing patter and a lighthearted attitude, the two young adventurers must save the city and make their mentor proud. This was a tie-in to DC’s “Day of Judgment“ story arc.

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  Scott BeattyDean Zachary