Ballistic Imagery

    (Image, 1996)
™ and © Image Comics, Inc.

This anthology series from Marc Silvestri’s Top Cow studios debuted with a broad mix of various artistic media—from fully painted artwork to black and white line drawings.

The first issue included features such as:

• “Hellcop”: written by Brian Haberlin and Brian Holguin, with art by Haberlin, this story focuses on peace officer Virgil Hilts who patrols a plane of reality commonly known as Hell, wielding a sidearm and Image’s standard cocky dialogue.

• “True Stories of Cyberforce”: a four–page Heatwave vignette with Adam McDaniel art over Silvestri layouts. The story juxtaposes Heatwave’s interactions with two women, one of whom is more—or less—than she seems.

• “Heavy Space”: a space opera with painted art by Haberlin, Richard Isanove, Dean White and Ian Graham shifts from a cosmic setup to the nitty–gritty of drawing together a ragtag team of mercenaries for their first mission.

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 AnthologyBrian Haberlin, Brian Holguin, Kirk DilbeckAdam McDaniel, Brian Haberlin, Dean White, Ian Graham, Marc Silvestri, Richard Isanove