Alexa (Stan Lee’s…)

    (iBooks, 2005)
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Somehow, comic–book artist Alexa Morgan opens an inter–dimensional portal that disgorges a pair of 20–foot–tall giants who quickly become media sensations but secretly harbor sinister plans for the human race. At the height of his considerable powers, Stan Lee was always able to introduce a dizzying amount of new characters and concepts in a limited amount of space. Even during the middle of a multi–part epic, he at least knew how to leave his audience feeling they’d gotten their money’s worth, but this wafer–thin “graphic novel” is twice as expensive as two regular comics with a third of the content.

Thanks to postmodern decompressed storytelling at the end of the first installment, readers are left with only the limp premise. They’ve learned nothing about Alexa, which is odd, since it’s her story. Nor do readers learn how she brought the giants to earth, why they aren’t interested in returning home, or who the costumed characters chasing them are. And it’s hard imagining anyone will care enough to buy volume two.

— S.A. Bennett

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  Stan Lee, Steven A. RomanDan Jurgens, Dave Gibbons, John Royle, Chris Malgrain