The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

    (DC, 1990)
™ and ©1990 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Ford Fairlane was a rock guitarist who couldn’t really play the guitar. This was hardly a winning combination for making it in the music business, and his life was getting even worse when he was forced to relocate from New York to L.A. to avoid the Mob.The move turned his luck around, however, for it was in L.A. that he found his true calling, investigating rock and roll-related mysteries.

The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane, a four-issue mini-series that premiered in May of 1990, has a unique point of interest. Although based on a movie of the same name starring comedian Andrew Dice Clay, it wasn’t an adaptation—the movie picks up where the comic leaves off. Generally, when comics and movies mix, the comic is either a straight adaptation or tales of the hero following the events of the movie. Of course, given the stunningly bad reviews the movie received, not adapting the movie may have been a smart move.

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 Prequel to the movieGerard JonesJose Delbo, Russell Braun


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  Gerard JonesJose Delbo, Russell Braun


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  Gerard JonesCarmine Infantino, Russell Braun


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  Gerard JonesCarmine Infantino, Russell Braun