The Art of Betty and Veronica

    (Archie, 2012)
™ and © Archie Publications

(from the publisher)

Archie presents a beautifully-designed celebration of the world-famous and iconic Betty and Veronica. This gorgeous hardcover edition comes with a cover featuring silver foil, silver ink, and spot UV celebrating two of the most iconic females in comics history - Betty and Veronica - as they’ve evolved over the decades in their most beautiful fashions, most iconic images, and most classic stories by Archie’s top artists.

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  Jonathan Goldwater, Victor Gorelick, Craig Yoe, Dan DeCarlo, Al Hartley, Harry Lucey, George Frese, Dan Parent, Bill GolliherBruce Timm, Dan DeCarlo, Al Hartley, Al Fagaly, Bob Montana, Irv Novick, Bill Vigoda, Samm Schwartz, Harry Lucey, Bob White, Dan Parent, Jeff Shultz, Fernando Ruiz, Norm Breyfogle