In the Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe

    (Vertigo, 2003)
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The intriguing story of what would have happened, if Edgar Allan Poe’s muse had been a group of demons passing themselves off as Poe’s estranged father is presented in this well-done Vertigo hardcover. The book is written from the point of view of a present-day historian who happens on what might—or might not—be Poe’s diary.

The photographic novel follows Poe from his early 20s until his death almost 20 years later. The writing takes liberties with some of the intricacies of Poe’s life, especially his love life, but the book is intended as a fantasy, and none of it is presented in bad taste.

In the Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe is a heartbreaking story of a man torn by two loves he cannot—or should not—have, his dream of being famous, and the demons that torture him constantly. The tale is a tragedy, and a tragedy written well by Jonathan Scott Fuqua. The book eloquently pays homage to the genius that was Edgar Allan Poe.

— Nathan Melby

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