Avengers Infinity

    (Marvel, 2000, 2013)
™ and ©2000 Marvel Characters, Inc.

Six of the Avengers’ mightiest members travel across the galaxy to answer a distress call from a former teammate, the Jack of Hearts. Among their number is Thor, a mythological God, and Quasar, the cosmic-powered Protector of the Universe. The rest possess powers that set them apart from even Earth’s many other super-heroes. The combined might of this group should be enough to tackle any problem, but when they join their erstwhile friend, they find more than a ravaged planet in need of rescue. A race of cosmic beings, whose vastness and powers could dwarf Gods, is busy harvesting entire galaxies, reshaping the universe to their own whims.

Thor, Photon, Quasar, Moondragon, Starfox, Tigra, and Jack must somehow stand against creatures who consider a star a marble, solar systems mere toys. What hope do they have, especially when they don’t even trust one of their own?

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#1 Dynamic Forces

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Book #1

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