The Big Book of Death

    (Paradox, 1995)
™ DC Comics, Inc. ©1995 Paradox Press. Stories and art ©1995 their respective creators

First came The Big Book of Urban Legends. Then there was The Big Book of Weirdos. Then in 1995, Paradox Press released The Big Book of Death, giving readers the lowdown on what comes when you’re six feet under.

This giant-sized tome covers death in all its weirdness. It begins by giving the inside story on execution methods from drawing and quartering to the electric chair. From there it moves on to bizarre suicides, weird deaths, burial methods, and the great beyond. You’ll learn the grisly origin of the guillotine, visit frozen bodies “preserved” by cryogenics, and see cheese used as a murder weapon. It’s a marvelous collection of weird factoids and black humor.

Like the other Big Books, the Big Book of Death features the work of dozens of comic artists, including Rick Geary (Blanche Goes to New York) and Batton Lash (Wolff & Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre).

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