Art of Chiodo

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This trade paperback features the gorgeous artwork of artist supreme Joe Chiodo, as well as a gushing foreword by Wildstorm founder Jim Lee (X-Men, WildC.A.T.S). Make no mistake: we’re talking some beautiful drawings and paintings here—life pieces, fantasy pieces, and sci-fi pieces. And good-girl art? Look no further! Chiodo’s lush lines bring to life such buff babes as Fairchild and Freefall of Gen13; Voodoo, Zealot, Ladytron, and Void of WildC.A.T.S; and Marvel’s Silver Sable and Black Widow. There are even some Vargas-style gals! This is an exquisite package, not to be missed!

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 Collects Joe Chiodo work Joe Chiodo


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 Collects Joe Chiodo work Joe Chiodo