Second City

    (Harrier, 1986-1987, 1994)
©1987 Paul Duncan and Phil Elliott

Second City is a four-issue mini-series from the now defunct Harrier Comics. The futuristic story is about a man named Jack, who lived in a fully automated city where computers serve every conceivable material need for the city’s residents. At the same time, humans lost their facility for human contact, becoming ever more isolated.

Jack is one of the city’s troubleshooters. He’s a hunter who searches out and dispatches the various criminals and psychopaths which the city seems to breed—as well as regular citizens which the computer brain of the city considers enemies. One day, he was sent to punish a researcher who had dared to rip off his personal locator device (the city liked to keep track of its important citizens). Instead, he was persuaded to join forces with the researcher in a sort of revolt against the machines. In doing so, he steps outside the city—and discovers a second, rougher world outside his technological haven.

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