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Young and beautiful (naturally!) Princess Astra of Eros travels to Earth searching for the one thing that can save her all-woman society - sperm from the legendary species known as Male. But when she meets the dashing Yosuke, can she resist the mysterious disease-like emotions she has been warned about?

Based on a theatrical musical, this manga comic comes from Jerry Robinson, golden-age Batman artist and creator of the Joker, in collaboration with Ken-ichi Oishi and Shojin Tanaka (Metal Boy, Maniacs 21). Robinson is also known as a strong voice for creator rights (he was instrumental in DC’s dispute with Superman creators Siegel and Shuster) and for improving international relations through cartoons and comic art (he founded the Cartoonists & Writers Syndicate).

The series features cover art by artists such as Jim Balent (Catwoman), Frank Thorne (Red Sonja), and J.H. Williams III and Mick Grey (Promethea).

— Joseph Self
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Jerry Robinson, Sidra CohnJerry Robinson
#1 Variation A

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Jerry Robinson, Sidra Cohn 
May, 2008
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