Shi/Daredevil: Honor Thy Mother

    (Crusade, 1997)
ô and © Crusade Entertainment Ltd.

This one-shot crossover completes a story cycle begun in Daredevil/Shi. Ana Ishikawa (Shi) has lost the Christian faith that she was taught by her mother, finding it impossible to reconcile with her need for revenge. A lost soul, she fell under the spell of the Makoto, a cult offshoot of the Hand. The cultís leader, Masao, was determined to summon the Makoto-Oni, (a demon) from Hell. By using his powers of persuasion as well as a mystical medallion, he convinced Shi that Daredevil was the true enemy, and that Shi must destroy him.

Despite the obvious martial arts setup, the real struggle of Honor Thy Mother is not between the two heroes, but within each one as they struggle to regain their faith and direction in life.

This special also included a preview of TCB, a new series from Crusade.

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