Alarming Adventures

    (Harvey, 1962-1963)
™ and ©1962 Harvey Features Syndicate

Alarming Adventures is an anthology of science-fiction and horror stories. As an example of the series, the first issue contains several main stories as well as several shorter pieces.

In “The Lost Acre,” a strange parcel of land rejects any attempt to civilize it, from engineers drilling for oil to army units testing assault bridges.

In “The Aliens,” an advance party of extraterrestrials arrives on Earth to find a world destroyed by rampaging robots. Will they help Earth, or does Earth really need their help after all?

In “Hermit,” Captain Neal Beamis has been a failure at life. When he crashes his experimental rocket on Mars, it appears he has failed once again. But sometimes victory comes disguised as defeat.

Finally, in “The Silent Street,” Officer Bob Bowen patrols the quietest street in town, until two feuding aliens land in the middle of his shift.
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October, 1962
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Archie GoodwinDick Ayers, Marvin Stein, Reed Crandall, George Tuska, Bernard Baily