Beach Party

    (Eternity, 1989)
All characters ™ and ©1989 their respective owners

Eternity Comics, a division of Malibu Comics, was responsible for an entire line of comics. As part of a dubious trend which was followed by companies throughout the industry, Eternity decided in 1989 to feature their characters from its various series in this “swimsuit” special.

Among the characters represented here are the cast of Robotech: The Sentinels, Leather and Lace, Shuriken, Simak, Duff, Kelly Brock, and many many more. At the time, most of the artists who worked on the book were not especially famous, although some went on to super-stardom. Among them are Jimmy Palmiotti (Ash) Dale Keown (Pitt), and Lurene Haines (The Business of Comics).

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 B&w pin-ups Barry Blair, Jimmy Palmiotti, Scott Benefiel, Tom Baxa, Sandy Carruthers, Celim, Rob Davis, Ben Dunn, Lurene Haines, Dean Hubenig, Marc Matos, Mark Mazz, Steve Martin, Myke, Mike Roberts, Michael Shaw, Howard Simpson, Uriel, Jason Waltrip