Alice in Lost World

    (Radio Comix, 2000)
™ and ©2000 Radio Comix

Video game designer Shuzilow Ha offers his own unique science fiction take on the popular manga genre with the four-issue mini-series Alice in Lostworld. The black and white title, reminiscent of Robotech and Bubblegum Crisis, applies the genre’s patented speed lines, high action, and stingy storytelling to the series creating the next generation of manga action.

For 10 years, the world has been under a silent alien attack. While the general population is unaware of the infiltration, an elite group of Special Knights—armed with high tech gadgetry and mech-suits—leads a quiet battle to fend off the invaders. However, Alice is waging a personal war of her own. She is on a one-woman rampage to destroy the enemy aliens that have stolen her sister’s DNA and created an army of clones. But when she finally traps her sister’s doppelganger, will Alice be able to pull the trigger and kill it? And once the alien base is destroyed, will that cut through the layers of conspiracy surrounding Alice or will she find corruption in the hearts of those she trusted most?

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