Spawn Movie Adaptation

    (Image, 1997)
™ and ©1997 Todd McFarlane Productions, Inc.

Easily the most popular of the Image comics, Todd McFarlane’s Spawn spawned off a best-selling line of toys, an animated series, and in 1997, a big-budget motion picture.

In this adaptation of that movie, we see how secret agent Al Simmons was killed by his own boss, Jason Wynn (not Chapel as in the comic) as part of a bid to control a deadly biological weapon. Simmons was sent to Hell, but made a deal of his own. Simmons agreed to lead the demon Malebolgia’s army to storm the gates of Hell itself, and in return, he was to be allowed to once again see his wife, Wanda. But as so often happens when making deals with demons, Malebolgia cheated. Simmons was sent back five years after his death, and the body he had was horribly burned. Moreover, he wasn’t quite human anymore, but a demonic hellspawn. Simmons was cheated out of his reunion with Wanda, but he would get his revenge on Wynn!

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 NN; Movie adaptation; Prestige formatAlan McElroy, Mark Dippe, Ted AdamsCarlos D’Anda