The Art of Hellboy

    (Dark Horse, 2003-2004)
™ and © 1991-2004 Mike Mignola and respective copyright holders

From the publishers at Dark Horse comes another fine art collection: this featuring Mike Mignola’s trademark title, Hellboy. (For other Dark Horse art books, check out The Art of Usagi Yojimbo, or the recent Star Wars: Panel to Panel.) This folio compilation includes text by long time Hellboy editor Scott Allie (who better to provide background commentary?) and illustrations and layout design by creator Mike Mignola. Art pieces include published as well as previously unpublished drawings, important conceptual sketches, dramatic reprints, and short panel excerpts.

The overall quality and layout is simple, but dynamic: full page after page of drawings in dramatic yet complimentary contrast beside each other. In other words? The Art of Hellboy is an essential collector’s item for devotees of Mignola’s demonic investigator rendered in his characteristic angular pencils and blocky colors.

— Shiaw-Ling Lai
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