(Ally-Winsor, 1995-1996)
™ and ©1996 Ally-Winsor Productions

Ally is the name David Cruz uses when he wears a fantastic suit with built–in lasers, shields, and a holographic projector that enables him to go undercover by altering his appearance. From drive-by shootings and street gang warfare, to drug–running and fine art heists, Ally confronts whatever may come his way. The suit was developed by Cruz with his friend Jerry, whose death he is attempting to avenge. Cruz’s girl friend, Karina, was Jerry’s sister, and David’s activities are a constant reminder of her brother’s tragic end.

The black and white artwork is overly stylized and employs unusual diamond–shaped word and thought balloons for Ally. This book has a decidedly Latin beat in portraying the gritty violence of the L.A. streets.

— George Haberberger

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 1st Appearance of Ally; Origin of Ally; Fall 1995; B&WRuben GerardRuben Gerard


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  Max Espinoza, Ruben GerardRuben Gerard


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 FlipbookMax EspinozaMichael Buntyn