Harry Johnson

    (Fulp Fiction)
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Harry Johnson is a private detective with an eye for damsels in distress. In this case, a blonde siren wants him to find her missing father, the scientist Peter Crabbe. So Johnson and his companion, the brunette stripper Fanny Sellers, gladly follow in the footsteps of Indiana Jones to cross paths with cannibals, Nazis, and sundry flavors of Danger Girls.

The story is a shameless excuse to engage in humorous sexual innuendo and babe ogling, as typified by the kidnapped doctor’s secret formula and the climactic catfight between busty American commandos in star-spangled bikinis and the Third Reich’s finest females.

Obviously, a relation of Notch Johnson from Fox TV’s recent sitcom Son of the Beach, this detective has a penchant for double entrendres, which elicit “can’t help myself smirks” from readers. Bodaciously drawn and colored, this series successfully achieves its goal of being a guilty pleasure, made for and by unabashedly male comics fans.

— Oliver Chin
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Charles FulpCraig Rousseau, Norman Lee

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Charles FulpCraig Rousseau, Norman Lee