Death Dealer

    (Verotik, 1995-1997)
©1995 Frank Frazetta

What happens when you put a heavy metal rock star, a seasoned fantasy painter, and a popular comic book illustrator together? You get a prestige format trade-paperback entitled Death Dealer with a cover by Frank Frazetta, a story by Glen Danzig, and interior illustrations by Simon Bisley. Death Dealer contains plenty of gratuitous violence, but the story it tells is intriguing.

Death Dealer gives the origin of one of Frazetta’s most popular characters. A barbaric warrior followed a black horse into an area where he could almost smell death in the air. It was in this place that the barbarian found the helmet of the Death Dealer. After fighting off a sabre-toothed tiger, the warrior was possessed by the helmet. He was shown the helmet’s previous life and begins to understand why the helmet craves revenge against its previous masters. When wearing the helmet, the warrior becomes almost invincible.

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3 copies available from $5.50
Embossed cover Glenn DanzigSimon Bisley

#1 - 2nd printing

1 copy available for $94.99
Embossed cover Glenn DanzigSimon Bisley


2 copies available from $14.99
  Glenn DanzigLiam Sharp


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  Glenn DanzigLiam Sharp


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  Glenn DanzigArthur Suydam