Supersnipe Comics

    (Street & Smith, 1942-1949)
™ and ©1948 Street & Smith Publications, Inc.
Series continued from Army and Navy Comics #5

Koppy McFad is the kid with the most comic books in America. With these treasures to feed his 10-year old imagination, plus red pajamas and a mask, Koppy pictures himself as the masked avenger Supersnipe—solver of crimes, doer of great deeds, allowed to stay up late and have as much ice cream as he wants. Supersnipe had such immediate appeal that the character promptly took over the former Army and Navy Comics in the middle of World War II, and entertained kids throughout the 1940s. Supersnipe’s adventures ran to epic length, often 32 pages of a 48-page book (the remainder given over to assorted humorous backups). With quick pacing, imaginative plots, and well-crafted artwork to rival the best kid strips of the era (including Disney’s), Supersnipe gained a cult following of fans and anchored the otherwise-marginal Street and Smith comics line.
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April, 1945
Cover Price: $0.10
1 copy available for $75.00
November, 1946
Cover Price: $0.10
1 copy available for $99.50
 George Marcoux
February, 1948
Cover Price: $0.10
1 copy available for $99.50
 George Marcoux, Clare Dwiggins