(Eclipse, 1985)
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(From the Slings & Arrows Comic Guide)

Collections of short horror pieces by Stephen Bissette and Rick Veitch, not to be attempted while in the vicinity of food. The quality is uneven, though each issue has its moments, such as “Cell Food” in #1 (truly nightmarish), and “Banana Planet” and “Arena” in #2. ~FC

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 Rick Veitch, Stephen R. Bissette, Bill Kelley, David Bianculli, Glenn Lovell, Earl J. BondgrasseRick Veitch, Stephen R. Bissette, Joe Ragusa, Tom Marnick, John Totleben, Ernie Pasanen


1 copy available for $5.99
 Rick Veitch, Stephen R. Bissette, Lawrence ShellRick Veitch, Stephen R. Bissette