Kill Your Boyfriend

    (Vertigo, 1995, 1998)
™ and ©1995 Grant Morrison and Philip Bond

One day she was just a quiet English schoolgirl, living out a somewhat dull life and looking forward to more of the same when she grew up. Then she met the new kid in school—the kid in the black leather jacket. He introduced her to the joys of being bad…very bad. It began with petty crime and running wild in the night. Then he had a novel idea of what they could do for fun: “Let’s kill your boyfriend.”

Before she knew it, she had become an accomplice to murder. Moreover, she’d grown to love her thrilling new life. No longer the shy schoolgirl, she eventually realized that her trip through life had taken a dramatic turn…and there was nothing to do except see where the ride took her.

Inspired by movies such as Natural Born Killers, Grant Morrison teamed with artist Philip Bond to create this devilish tale of youth gone wrong.

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One-shotGrant MorrisonPhilip Bond

#1 (2nd printing)

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Reprints 1995 one-shot with new afterword and other new materialGrant MorrisonPhilip Bond

#1 (3rd printing)

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3rd Printing; Prestige Format; ca. 2008Grant MorrisonPhilip Bond