Baby Huey in 3-D

    (Blackthorne, 1988)
™ and © Blackthorne Publishing Inc.

Blackthorne Publishing commissioned a number of Harvey Comic’s older stories to be redrawn in 3-D, and this partnership meant a number of Harvey characters were lent out to the format, resulting in a Little Audrey 3-D, a Richie Rich and Casper in 3-D and a Casper in 3-D, among others. Interestingly, many of the Harvey titles that made their 3-D debut during this time either did not exist or were not that firmly established when 3-D comics had their initial heyday back in 1953. At the time, Harvey published more “straight” 3-D titles such as Captain 3-D and True 3-D than comedy.

— Mark Arnold
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December, 1988
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