Angel’s Wing

    (PLEX Ltd., 2002)
™ and © 2002 PLEX Co.

A young apprentice angel falls to Earth on Christmas to grant wishes, but instead learns lessons about life, death, heaven, and hell in this tale from artist and writer Tetsuya Aoki. Though the book is filled with plenty of silly and humorous moments that mostly involve issues clothing, Angel’s Wing also offers a serious meditation about spirituality and mortality as seen through the eyes of the novice angel Mary. The author also includes an illustrated look at the genesis of this book.

— Colin Chan

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 Translated by Akihide YanagiTetsuya AokiTetsuya Aoki


2 copies available from $4.75
 Translated by Akihide YanagiTetsuya AokiTetsuya Aoki


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  Tetsuya AokiTetsuya Aoki