The Art of Joseph Michael Linsner

    (Image, 2003)
™ and © Image Comics, Inc.

This gorgeous volume is page after page of Linsner doing what he does best: beautiful women and fantastic settings.

Full-color Linsner art, rich and deep, on glossy paper in a sturdy hardcover volume. What more could a fan want? Well, there’s the accompanying text, which adds much to the package. It offers glimpses into the man, the history, and the artistic process. Readers can finally understand the meaning behind “This Image Offends Women” on Cry for Dawn #9.

The art is broken down into four thematic sections: Love, Hate, Heaven, and Hell. Flagship character Dawn is well-represented throughout, but it’s more than just Dawn. Vampires, Linsner’s covers for Armageddonquest, and stunning pin-up models all have their day in the sun. (Other creators’ characters, such as Lady Death and Vampirella, also manage to sneak in.)

The deluxe edition is more than a scribbled signature on a tipped-in page. Linsner has boldly signed and numbered these babies right across the cover. The deluxe edition is slipcased and contains 16 additional pages of art and text.

Quality art frequently ends up in a low-end collection. Worse, a slick volume is often not worthy of the contents. In the case of The Art of Joseph Michael Linsner, the art and the package are each worthy of the other.

— Jack Abramowitz
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