Marvels Comics: Daredevil

    (Marvel, 2000)
ô and ©2000 Marvel Characters, Inc.

Nicknamed Beware the Daredevil, this gloomy one-shot is a part of Marvels Comics Group, a series of fictional titles that wouldíve appeared in the Marvel Universe if it really existed. Daredevil is basically turned into Marvelís version of DCís Etrigan. Daredevil is no longer blind lawyer Matt Murdock; in this story he is stunt director Jimmy Fyre, a man looking for redemption after his budgetary cuts caused several stuntmen to die while filming an action scene. The demon Cleombrontos uses Fyre as a host body to perform good deeds on Earth so heíll be forgiven and allowed to enter Heaven.

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 Tony IsabellaEddy Newell