Ante Gensem

    (Humanoids, 2002)
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Jack Stanton’s expedition into the forbidden areas of China did not come without a price. Most of the team died or ran away before Jack and his fellow Miskatonic University professor, Alexander Kandel, came upon a massive structure over 20,000 feet above sea level. A vast structure built before man had walked upon the earth. With his dying breath, Kandel begged Stanton not to reveal what they have found to the rest of the world, but Jack began publishing their finds as soon as he returned to civilization. “Ante Genesem”—“Before Genesis”—stirs feelings and fears before it is even published. Jack Stanton soon became a voice in the intellectual wilderness that no one wanted to hear, and those who did hear him also want him silenced forever before nameless terrors were once again unleashed upon the Earth.

— Ron Black
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