The Books of Faerie

    (Vertigo, 1997)
™ and ©1997 DC Comics, Inc.

Timothy Hunter, the young magician hero of the Books of Magic, has finally learned his true heritage. The people he knew as his parents were truly just his adoptive parents—his real father was the faerie Tamlin, and his mother was Queen Titania of Faerie.

This three-issue mini-series delves further into the past to explore the origins of Titania herself. Once, she was a human girl named Maryrose, who made the mistake of following the faerie lights while gathering wood in the forest. She was taken in by the kindly faerie queen Dymphia, who raised her as a daughter. All was well until Dymphia’s husband returned from war and met the young girl (now known as Rosebud). In her, he saw the chance for a new bride—as well as the heir he had never been able to sire with Dymphia. Conveniently, Dymphia was put out of the picture, and Rosebud became the new queen Titania. And Timothy Hunter’s story was just beginning…

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Origin of TitaniaBronwyn CarltonPeter Gross


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 Bronwyn CarltonPeter Gross


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 Bronwyn CarltonPeter Gross

Book #1

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Collects mini-series and Arcana Annual #1; Arcana Annual #1 ties into“The Children’s Crusade”crossover and features charectors from same; 136 pgs.Bronwyn Carlton, John Ney Rieber, Stuart MoorePeter Gross, Hermann Mejia, John Bolton