Batman: Dark Knight Gallery

    (DC, 1996)
™ and ©1996 DC Comics

Batman’s longevity in comics can be attributed to the myriad of situations and scenarios that his universe can accommodate. He has fought everything from street-level thugs to space aliens, with a persona that has been portrayed as broadly as a cheerful do-gooder to a grim avenger. Since the camp phase characterization rightfully fell out of favor, the grim aspect of Batman has been emphasized. This pinup book depicts Batman and the friends and foes that inhabit his world as serious and tragic characters.

Artists who are renowned for their version of Batman like Kelly Jones, Dick Giordano and Jim Aparo; as well as not so obvious choices like George Pratt and Craig Russell turn in images of somber determination. Even the contribution from the legendary Dick Sprang, associated with simpler and less-gritty days, features Bane (the villain who broke Batman’s back) on a field of skulls.

— George Haberberger

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Wraparound coverPin-ups Kelley Jones, Scott Hanna, Graham Nolan, Ray McCarthy, Kieron Dwyer, Mike Parobeck, Gary Frank, Barry Kitson, Phil Jimenez, Terry Austin, Dick Giordano, Scott McDaniel, David Taylor, Eduardo Barreto, Rick Burchett, Jim Aparo, Bo Hampton, Brian Apthorp, Flint Henry, John Paul Leon, Bret Blevins, Vince Giarrano, Arthur Ranson, Mike Wieringo, George Pratt, Tom Grummett, Bob Smith, José Luis García-López, Tommy Lee Edwards, Rodolfo Damaggio, Dick Sprang