Bambi (Walt Disney…)

    (Whitman, 1980)
™ and © 1942 Walt Disney Productions

Before it was a classic Walt Disney movie, it was a novel, which is probably not as well known as the animated film. In any case, this comic is fairly true to the movie, as the fawn Bambi is born into the gentle paradise of the forest, able to grow and play with his friend Thumper the rabbit, until he learns of the forest creatures’ natural enemy, man, and must mature and take care of himself. Along the way he experiences both happiness and pain.

This touching, tragic, and yet beautiful story is published in full-color and based on Felix Salten’s “Bambi, A Life In the Woods.”

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 Reprints Four Color Comics (2nd Series) #186Felix Salten, Chase CraigMorris Gollub