Vampire Tales

    (Marvel, 1973-1975)
™ and ©1973 Marvel Comics Group

Oversized and stuffed with comics, essays and film commentary by writers and artists who would later become names in the field, this magazine-style work from Marvel Monster Group takes on all things vampire.

A comic adaptation of the original vampire story, Lord Ruthven, is offered, along with tales of emotionally tormented vampires in the 1970s and vengeful women vampires. A werewolf tale is tossed in for balance, as is a cautionary story about selling your soul to Satan. All of them are over the top, and several delightfully funny. Meanwhile, silly vampire movies are lovingly mocked and an academic book about the creatures reviewed. Morbius fans should note that the vampire/scientist’s first solo adventure took place in issue #1 of this title.

Not all works are credited, dismaying completists. Contributors included artists Bill Everett, Pablo Marcos, Esteban Maroto and Paul Reinman and writers Steve Gerber, Chris Claremont, Mark Evanier, Gardner Fox Don McGregor and Ron Goulart. Editorial assists by Marv Wolfman, Tony Isabella and Gerry Conway.

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 1st appearance of Lord RuthvenChris Claremont, Gardner Fox, Mark Evanier, Ron Goulart, Roy Thomas, Steve GerberBill Everett, Jordi Bernet, Pablo Marcos, Paul Reinman, Win Mortimer


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 1st Appearance of SatanaDon McGregor, Gardner Fox, Roy Thomas, Jim SterankoRich Buckler, Gene Colan, John Romita, Jim Steranko


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  Gerry Conway, Russ Jones, Stan Lee, Don McGregor, Tony IsabellaEsteban Maroto, Paul Reinman, Carmine Infantino, Vincente Alcazar, Pablo Marcos, Rich Buckler


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  Don McGregor, Doug Moench, Tony IsabellaTom Sutton, Paul Reinman, Tony DiPreta, Esteban Maroto, Ernie Chan


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  Doug Moench, Don McGregor, Roy ThomasWin Mortimer, Rich Buckler, Alan Kupperberg, Gil Kane, Val Mayerik


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  Marv Wolfman, Steve Gerber, Chris Claremont, Doug MoenchBob Brown, Alfredo P. Alcala, Vincente Alcazar


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  Don McGregor, Doug MoenchTom Sutton, Billy Graham, Paul Gulacy, Howard Chaykin


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  Tony Isabella, Don McGregor, Carla Conway, Gerry Conway, Marv WolfmanErnie Chan, Mike Vosburg, Joe Staton, Alfredo P. Alcala, Tony DeZuniga


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  Tony Isabella, Marv Wolfman, Chris Claremont, Doug Moench, Carla Conway, Gerry Conway, Larry LieberTony DeZuniga, Russ Heath, Virgilio Redondo, Jesus Blasco


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  Doug Moench, Gerry ConwaySonny Trinidad, Mike Vosburg, Virgilio Redondo


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 Final IssueDoug Moench, John WarnerSonny Trinidad, Yong Montano

Annual #1

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Book #1

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 Collects Vampire Tales #1-3; ca. 2010Steve Gerber, Ron Goulart, Roy Thomas, Don Mcgregor, Gardner Fox, Gerry ConwayPablo Marcos, Win Mortimer, Rich Buckler, Jesus Blasco, John Romita, Carlos Garzon, Esteban Maroto, Vincente Alcazar

Book #2

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 Collects Vampire Tales #4-7; ca. 2011  

Book #3

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