Aliens: Havoc

    (Dark Horse, 1997)
™ and ©1998 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Aliens: Havoc is based around an interesting question: can some forty different artists, working from a single script by Mark Schultz, coordinate efforts sufficiently to tell a coherent story? The answer, by and large, is yes.

That’s not to say that there aren’t some strange moments in the continuity—such as when the serious, cinematic artwork of Mark A. Nelson gives way to a Peter Bagge-drawn gunfight on the next page. Overall, however, it’s impressive how well the project comes off.

For his part, Mark Schultz (Cadillacs and Dinosaurs) turns in a gripping tale of salvage men being led to a derelict passenger liner and finding it stocked with corpses… and several live aliens. Weirder yet, the spirit of a dead scientist is taking turns inhabiting the bodies of the crew, giving them aid in facing the Aliens, and hoping to make amends for having caused the whole massacre in the first place.

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  Mark SchultzD’Israeli, Duncan Fegredo, Jon Stokes, John Totleben, Leif Jones, Arthur Adams, Gary Gianni, Geoffrey Darrow, George Pratt, Igor Kordey, Paul Lee, John K. Snyder, Mark A. Nelson, Peter Bagge, Brian Horton, David Taylor, Kelley Jones, Guy Davis, Kellie Strom, Jay Stephens, Jerry Bingham, Kevin Nowlan


2 copies available from $7.00
  Mark SchultzAidan Potts, David Lloyd, Derek Thompson, Frank Teran, Gene Ha, Joel Napestek, Jon Stokes, Jon J. Muth, Kilian Plunkett, Leif Jones, Mike Allred, Moebius, P. Craig Russell, Rebecca Guay, Sean Phillips, Sergio Aragonés, Tony Millionaire, Travis Charest, Ron Randall, John Pound, Vania Zouravliov, John Paul Leon, Dave Cooper