(Malibu, 1995)
BattleTech® and ©1995 FASA Corporation. Story and art ©1995 Malibu Comics

For centuries of interstellar warfare and political intrigue, powerful dynastic leaders have pitted their military forces against each other in a seemingly endless quest for control of the known universe. But the real combat, as always, is fought by the men and women in the midst of the brutal battles on the front lines.

BattleTech started as a role-playing game that featured powerful humanoid fighting machines, called Mechs, and their human pilots; since then, it’s also been showcased in an animated series, several novels, and comic series from Blackthorne and Malibu.

This special edition is introduces the BattleTech storyline to new readers. It features three short stories, a brief history of the political/military situation, and short bios of some of the characters involved, as well as the specs on some of the powerful Mechs used by the invading Clans.

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  Roland Mann, Jordan WeismanTim Eldred