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    (Astonish, 2004)
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Astonish C0mics’ slogan is, “Remember Your Childhood and Pass It On.” It is an entirely appropriate sentiment for this publisher’s stable of titles and characters featuring stories that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

Herobear and the Kid, by Mike Kunkel, is an allegory of childhood innocence. Tyler inherits a magic stuffed bear from his grandfather that somehow comes to life complete with a long red cape and takes him on amazing adventures.

Awesome Man is Joey’s favorite fictional super–hero. He enthusiastically follows his exploits on TV and lives vicariously through him. One day his dreams come true when he somehow becomes Awesome Man.

Also included in this title is “The Lab” a hand–drawn animated–style story starring Esteban the Weasel and Livingston the Mole; The Dreamland Chronicles with computer–animated art is perhaps something of an anomaly in this collection. Spooner is a formerly syndicated strip about a pair of newlyweds featuring whimsical day-to-day vignettes as they learn to be a couple. This strip, more than any of the others, is appealing to adults.

This book was produced as a promotional sampler of the titles available from Astonish Comics to take advantage of the annual Free Comic Book Day event that publishers and retailers use to entice new customers to the industry.

— George Haberberger

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