Stalkers: Time to Retire

    (Atomeka, 2005)
™ and ©2004 Dave Elliott

With the help of “demon draughtsman” D’Israeli, writer Mark Verheiden has resurrected his world of mercenaries and profit margins. In the near future, the mercenary squads of Stalkers, Inc. have become both protectors of and participators in the world of big business. Their Phoenix franchise is put to the test when a squad of Uzi–toting retirees storms the grand opening of a luxury desert resort; their target is Peter Lencov, owner of the S&L that squandered their life savings but stayed afloat through bankruptcy court and government bailouts. To make things more interesting, the father of the squad’s “manager” committed suicide after losing his future to Lencov’s schemes. As the seniors start taking hostages, Stalkers’ “new hires” psych themselves up for the coming assault and the company CEO arrives to take charge in place of his less–than–motivated middle management, the tension builds to a fever pitch.

— Joe Trela

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  Mark VerheidenD’Israeli