Aliens: Mondo Pest

    (Dark Horse, 1995)
™ and ©1995 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Some Aliens stories are horrific. Some are politically pointed. This one–shot special may be the first of the bunch that’s downright ridiculous.

Mondo Pest is a rough–and–tumble exterminator of the voracious Aliens. In this tale, he’s called to the Oryza colony to save the colonists from a rather nasty bug problem. No sooner does he enter their airspace, however, than a surface-to-air missile takes out his ship. Further investigation reveals a human hand in creating the alien monsters who have been overrunning the colony. Nevertheless, Mondo cheerfully wades into the fray, with ridiculously oversized guns blazing.

This story originally appeared in serial form in Dark Horse Comics #22–24. It was written by Henry Gilroy, whose credits include stints on TV shows The Tick and Batman: The Animated Series.

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