The Daredevil Chronicles

    (FantaCo, 1982)
™ and ©1982 FantaCo Enterprises
3rd in FantaCo Chronicles line

This is the third in a series of magazines which examine popular comic book series. The Daredevil Chronicles contains brief bits of Daredevil history by the ever-popular Fred Hembeck and interviews with Frank Miller, Klaus Janson, and Denny O’Neil. Also included amidst the black-and-white art are articles by Steve Webb, Michael Gilbert, and John Skerchock III. The Daredevil Checklist goes up to issue 181 (April 1982) and includes cover artists, editors, reprints, and guest appearances in other titles up until that time.

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Includes checklist of Daredevil issues #1 through #181; 3rd in the Fantaco’s Chronicles SeriesFred Hembeck, Joey Cavalieri, John Skerchock, Michael T. Gilbert, Mitch Cohn, Peter Sanderson, Rocco Nigro, Steve WebbFrank Miller, Dave Simons, Fred Hembeck, George Pérez, Joe Staton, John Byrne, Klaus Janson, Michael T. Gilbert, Spain Rodriguez, Steve Leialoha, Trina Robbins