Monster Massacre

    (Atomeka, 1993)
™ and ©1993 Atomeka and the respective creators

Monster Massacre packs five bone-crunching tales of weird horror, science fiction, and “carnage-crazed Nordic robo-berzerkers” into a deluxe square-bound anthology, wrapped in a nice painted cover by Simon “Biz” Bisley. Part gonzo Heavy Metal ultra-sex-and-violence, part wacky parody of Jack Kirby-style big bad monster stories, Monster Massacre maintains a consistent level of crazed mayhem from “The Kingdom of Zitturk” to “Headcase” to “Expressway to Your Skull” and all points in between. Bisley, Dougie Braithwaite, Dave Elliott, Simon Furman, Dave Gibbons, James O’Barr, Kevin O’Neill, Peter Snejbjerg, and John Tomlinson all contribute to the full-color volume.

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 NNJohn Tomlinson, Simon Furman, Dave ElliottKevin O’Neill, Doug Braithwaite, Henry Flint, Peter Snejbjerg, Simon Bisley