(Harrier, 1986)
ô and ©1986 Lewis W. Stringer

With a name like Brickman, itís got to be a spoof, and so it is. Zillionaire Loose Braynes, inspired one day by a brick flying through his window, is reborn as the Dim Knight, and battles such fearsome foes as the Poker and the Diddler. But this is more than the ordinary Batman spoof; for one thing, it also makes fun of British politics, features an amusing foreword by Alan Moore, and includes hilarious guest artwork on several pages by Kevin OíNeill and Dave Gibbons. Laugh in every panel from writer/artist Lew Stringer.

The one-shot is published in black-and-white and includes an offbeat backup feature as well. Itís witty from cover to cover.

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