The Barbi Twins Adventures

    (Topps, 1995)
™ and ©1995 The Barbi Twins, represented by Studio Chikara

Once upon a time, two matching blondes made a minor splash posing for Playboy. The twins were custom made to star in beer commercials, but instead, somebody decided to do a comic book based on them.

The one-issue series contains two stories—which is one more than it has jokes. Twins Sia and Shane are cast as secret agents who seem to be continually too busy doing their makeup to actually go out and stop bad guys. When they actually do battle, it’s with cutesy compacts that turn into guns, and other such Barbarella-style hokiness.

Although Peter Hsu (The Adventurers), Steve Fastner, and Rich Larson do their usual great job of art on the flip-side story (“The Barbi Twins & Razor Versus the Queen City Mob), the story ends up no better. Making matters worse is the guest appearance of the similarly character-deprived “heroine” Razor.

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 FlipbookRobert V. ConteMatt Haley, Peter Hsu, Richard Larson, Steve Fastner