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Kade is a warrior who does not feel pain. In fact, he feels no physical sensation at all. This is as much a detriment as a benefit in his battle against Apollyon, the Dark Lord who holds the world in an unyielding grip of despair. It is foretold that Kade will be the savior of the realm, but that is a destiny he does not embrace.

Hannah is little girl who is teased at school and finds no consolation at home. She deals with the disappointments in her life by imagining a future when she will become a powerful superhero. Her fantasy life is extremely vivid and her future identity, a very well endowed woman called The Ant, seems curiously disturbing for a ten-year-old girl.

In a medieval monastery, Ezra, a sword–for–hire, finds herself confronting Baal, a giant demon that has been summoned to do the bidding of a monk with regal aspirations. Ezra may have to raise her fee.

This book was produced as a promotional sampler of the titles available from Arcana Studio to take advantage of the annual Free Comic Book Day event that publishers and retailers use to entice new customers to the industry.

— George Haberberger

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4 copies available from $0.80
 Not a Free Comic Book Day giveaway  

Free Comic Book Day #1

1 copy available for $44.99
 Free Comic Book Day 2004; Previews Kade, Ant, and EzraSean O’Reilly, Mario Gully, Tina GullyAllan Otero, Mario Gully, Alfonso Ruiz

Free Comic Book Day #2

1 copy available for $0.99
 Free Comic book Day 2005; Contains previews of Kade Identity, Ezra, 100 Girls, and StarkweatherSean O’Reilly, Adam Gallardo, David A. RodriguezAllan Otero, Todd Demong, Alfonso Ruiz, John Bosco

Free Comic Book Day #3

3 copies available from $0.99
 Free Comic Book Day 2006; Previews Kade: Sun of Perdition, Ezra: Evoked Emotions, and 100 Girls vs. JennaAdam GallardoTodd Demong

Free Comic Book Day #4

2 copies available from $1.75
 Free Comic Book Day 2007Sean O’Reilly, Adam GallardoStjepan Sejic, Todd Demong

Free Comic Book Day #5

2 copies available from $0.90
 Free Comic Book Day 2008Sean O’Reilly, Scott Sanders, Grant Chastain, Adam GallardoClint Hilinski, Camilla D’Errico, Pedro Delgado, Todd Demong

Free Comic Book Day #6

3 copies available from $1.25
 Free Comic Book Day 2009Bill Rude, Chris Wyatt, Frank LaperchAsh Jackson