Alien Worlds (Blackthorne)

    (Blackthorne, 1988)
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Alien Worlds was an attempt to revive a comic book series in the Weird Science/Weird Fantasy mold, but with more modern and adult themes to make the stories more palatable to modern audiences. Unfortunately, bankruptcy problems hampered this series from becoming more successful than it was, despite writing from Bruce Jones, who had considerable success in penning tales for the long-running Creepy and Eerie magazines. Alien Worlds was less gruesome than its sister title of the time Twisted Tales, but sustained a similar impact with its own shock endings.

— Mark Arnold

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 B&WBruce Jones, Willm F. NolanJeff Jones, John Bolton, Brent Anderson, Tom Yeates, Tim Conrad, Al Williamson, Adolfo Buylla, Ken Steacy, Bo Hampton