(Slap Happy, 1998)
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Monstrosity contains 72 hulking pages of big, honking, scary creatures with tentacles, multiple appendages, scaly skin, and extra eyes.

This title is a “jam” book, filled with pinups of imaginative monsters, accompanied by short text pieces describing the creatures and their stories. Thrill to the horrors of the hair gel monster, Frosty’s evil twin, freaky bodybuilders, and atomic age terrors.

Featuring work by Mark Crilley, Batton Lash, Steve Conley, and many more, Monstrosity delivers a serious monster fix to fans of things that go bump in the night.
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October, 1998
Cover Price: $4.95
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Jay Torres, Tim Levins, Jeff Wasson, John Green, Dave Roman, Adam Dekraker, Andi Watson, Ben Capozzi, Steve Ellis, Jason Asala, Cayetano Garza Jr., Ted Tucker, Brian Clopper, Butch Chalkley, Keelan Parham, Rachel Hartman, Vincent Sneed, John Peters, Lyman Dally, David Yurkovich, Pam Bliss, Ken Harrison, Fred Harper, John Gallagher, Steve Conley, Mark Jackson, Jim Kirkland, Levi Krause, George Broderick Jr., Chris YambarAdam DeKraker, Andi Watson, Ben Capozzi, Brian Clopper, Butch Chalkley, Cayetano Garza Jr., Chris Yambar, Dave Roman, David Yurkovich, Fred Harper, George Broderick Jr., Jason Asala, Jay Torres, Jeff Wasson, Jim Kirkland, John Gallagher, John Green, Tim Levins, Steve Ellis, Ted Tucker, Keelan Parham, Rachel Hartman, Vincent Sneed, John Peters, Lyman Dally, Pam Bliss, Ken Harrison, Steve Conley, Mark Jackson, Levi Krause