ABC: A–Z, Tom Strong and Jack B. Quick

    (America’s Best, 2005)
™ and ©2005 America’s Best Comics, L.L.C.

Marvel’s various guides to the Marvel Universe and DC’s Who’s Who and Secrets of… have proven to be valuable reference tools for fans. ABC:A-Z is the corresponding version of this idea for Wildstorm’s ABC universe of titles. The ABC universe was the brainchild of writer extraodinaire, Alan Moore, who has since passed the reins to capable heirs. This universe is significantly smaller, (but no less intriguing), than either DC’s or Marvel’s so they can afford to take a less structured and limiting approach.

The first issue of what will be a series of six, features only Tom Strong and Jack B. Quick. (Subsequent volumes will be similarly focused on a small number of characters.) Tom Strong addresses the reader directly as though teaching a history class, touching on his origin, his family, friends and enemies. The feature highlighting Jack B. Quick, the self-important pre-pubescent genius from America’s heartland, is more like a real Jack B. Quick story. His long-suffering parents and townsfolk of Queerwater Creek who suffer the consequences of Jack’s outrageous inventions are represented in yet another of Jack’s self-indulgent adventures.

— George Haberberger

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  Peter HoganChris Sprouse, Kevin Nowlan